Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama And The Somali Pirates

Bush would have ordered the bombing of terrorist camps in Somalia until there was nothing but creators left in that country...but our "New" president is a coward, we need leadership and to hell with consensus approval, we should be leading the world, not bowing down to it.
Oh, for the good old days.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bow Or No Bow?

I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. The video clip does not show him to be tripping over his own feet. The only logical explanation is that Obama is indeed bowing. I am a very fair women. Can somebody offer another realistic alternative? NO!
He bowed and instead of admitting that he did and shouldn’t have he and his spin machine are now LYING about it. Pathetic. Yet more proof that a Presidential set doesn’t exist. To be honest, I’m just as much pissed about the lying as I am with the bow.
It is impossible and simply ludicrous to believe that Obama did not know what bowing means in Arab/Muslim culture Therefore, one must realistically extrapolate his intentions in breaching said protocol. And kissing up to the King.
Either you don’t trust your lying eyes or you don’t recognize a deep reverential bow when you see one
Obama has brought the US to its knees without a shot being fired by her enemies. Through prostrating behavior, and through speeches laced with blame America for the world’s ills, Obama has done more harm to our nation than terrorists dare dream of. For IF the leader of the free world is ready, willing and able to give up its top billing, why should anyone bother to fear her, or respect her? Further, why in the world should any sane nation align with her?
Modern Liberals are unable to discern differences in situations unless there is an opportunity to elevate what is wrong and tear down what is right - so everything is “equal”. This is why terrorists are deemed victims by Modern Liberals.
The really nauseating bowing comes from the people that elected Obama - who no matter what kind of embarrassing, humiliating, ignorant or stupid thing he does, they bend over to kiss his rear end.
Not to get to far off track anothor interesting view into the pathetic liberal mindset is the American hostage situation and the criminal Somali pirates who captured him. I hear liberals everywhere talking about the need to help the poor Somali citizens rebuild there war ravaged country as a way to reduce crime. What the F–K has that got to do with dealing with piracy. In the warped liberal mindset pirates are victims.